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There isn’t a simpler or more convenient way to enjoy premium quality cannabis than with a weed pen, and Munchiez Cannabis is the place to grab yours in Ruidoso.

With all our cannabis products, we prioritize quality, and our THC vapes are no exception. With every one, you’re getting a super potent, terpene-packed, high-end cannabis experience that’s discreet and easy to use. Take a look at our selection for the strain that suits you, place your order, and enjoy!

Our THC Vape Pen Products

At Munchiez Cannabis, we have a wide variety of weed pens to choose from, along with many vape cart options. Some of our products are our own personal weed vapes, while others are brought to you by some of the most reputable and trusted brands in the business, including:

  • Bloom
  • Bonanza
  • Mountaintop Extracts
  • Olio
  • Pharmers Quality
  • Sawmill Cannabis
  • Verdes

We offer an array of strains and potency levels, as well as the option for some low-THC or a 1:1 THC/CBD experience. Some weed vapes and carts are live rosin or live resin, which offer the most flavorful cannabis experience.

Why Choose Weed Pens?

One of the more amazing things about legalized recreational cannabis is the endless number of options it offers. There are so many types of cannabis and ways to consume it now available that you might even be overwhelmed by it. If that’s the case, consider some of the benefits of opting for a THC vape.

Ease of Use

Grabbing a disposable pen is, hands down, the simplest way for you to enjoy your cannabis. No bowls, papers, dab rigs, lighters, batteries, or chargers are necessary. You just pull it out of the packaging and take a pull. If you’re looking for convenience, this is your option.

Extra Discretion

Though it may be largely legal now, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to keep your THC usage low-key. Flower comes with lingering smoke and lasting smells, but a THC vape pen does not. The vapor disappears quickly, along with the aroma, and the weed pen itself doesn’t retain a smell the way a bowl or a joint roach will.

Travels Easy

With other forms of cannabis consumption, you’ll have to bring multiple items along with you in order to be prepared. That can make traveling with your weed a bit more of a headache.

Not only that but flower can have potent aromas that you may need to keep contained during your travels. Weed vapes fit right in your pocket and don’t have to be sealed away to prevent you from reeking up whatever room you’re in.

Super Potent

The cannabis oil used in a THC vape pen tends to have a particularly high THC content, so you can enjoy an extra potent psychoactive experience. This extra potency is also good for anyone looking for something extra efficient, as just a hit or two can sometimes be enough, depending on your level of experience and tolerance.

Super Flavorful

Cannabis oil, particularly live rosin or live resin oil, retains plenty of the terpenes that give a cannabis strain its unique flavor profile. With those terpenes carefully preserved and extra concentrated, you’re getting a flavor experience from your THC vape that is difficult to beat.

Important Terms to Know When Shopping for Weed Vapes

If you’re new to weed vapes, you may be confused by some terms when perusing our shop. It’s important to know what these mean in order to make the right purchase. To help you, take a look at the following definitions.


You’ll notice that weed vapes typically come in one of two different weight options — .5g and 1g. These numbers will initially not mean all that much to you other than the fact that the smaller one costs less than the bigger one, but the real difference is in how long they will last you.

To put it into better context, just remember that .5g is about 150 hits, while 1g is about 300.

THC Content

THC is the main psychoactive compound found in cannabis, which means it’s the chemical that gets you high. Knowing the THC content of your weed vape is important, as there is absolutely such a thing as too much of the stuff, particularly if you’re inexperienced with it.

You’ll generally see weed vapes running anywhere from 70% THC all the way up to 95% and above. The truth is that every one of these will offer a powerful psychoactive experience, so if you’re a novice, sticking with a lower option is probably wise.

CBD Content

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis believed to offer a wide variety of therapeutic benefits, including relaxation, stress relief, relief from discomfort, and relief from sleep issues.

Not all weed vapes have CBD in them, but there are some that offer a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, some that offer high CBD/low THC, and some that are strictly CBD.

If you’re more interested in the therapeutic effects of cannabis than anything else, consider grabbing something with considerable CBD content.


One of the biggest deciding factors in which weed vape you should purchase will be the strain. Believe it or not, one strain of cannabis can offer completely opposite effects as another strain. In order to find the strain that provides the effects you’re looking for, consider the following:

Indica Strains

An indica strain will get you feeling super relaxed and ready to kick back on your couch so you can throw on a movie and eat a bunch of delicious food. It’s the chill type of strain that many people imagine all cannabis to be like. Go for one of these when you’re interested in a mellow, relaxing evening.

Sativa Strains

A sativa strain will hit you with a rush of uplifting energy and euphoria and inspire some unique and creative thinking. It’s the type of strain you’d likely want to consider when you’re vaping in the daytime and want to stay active.

Hybrid Strains

A hybrid strain is a cross between an indica strain and a sativa. Most of the time, that cross will have an uneven ratio, leading to what you’ll see referred to as “indica dominant” or “sativa dominant.”

The specific effects of each strain are going to vary, but they will generally have a cross of both types of strain with more from the dominant strain than the subordinate one.

Why Choose Munchiez Cannabis?

You’ve got options when it comes to buying vape pens in Ruidoso, so why choose Munchiez Cannabis over all the others? Here’s what we believe makes us stand out.

Premium Quality Products

One of our primary focuses as a dispensary is ensuring that everything we offer is of the highest quality, whether that means partnering with only the most reputable and sought-after brands in the industry or providing customers with our own high-quality creations.

Comfortable Environment

If you stop into the shop, you will find that we are welcoming to all of our customers and dedicated to removing the stigma around cannabis in order to create a comfortable, safe space for those who love this amazing plant.

Fast Delivery

If you can’t come into the shop, we can still get you your order through our express delivery service, and we strive to do it in record time every time. We always keep your delivery as convenient and discreet as possible.

Exceptional Customer Service

The customer experience is something that can separate one dispensary from another, and we’re dedicated to providing the best experience in all of New Mexico. Our team always works to accommodate our customers and help them find the products they need, and we offer a loyalty program so you can be rewarded for sticking with us.

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