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One of the most effective and pleasurable ways to enjoy quality cannabis is with THC concentrates, and Munchiez Cannabis is the best place to get them when you’re in Ruidoso!

At Munchiez, we have a large selection of THC concentrates available. But don’t let our quantity fool you. We always choose quality over quantity. It’s just that we have such a wide selection of premium concentrates to choose from, and all of them have our quality stamp of approval. Check out what we’ve got!

Why Choose THC Concentrates?

THC concentrates are one of many different types of cannabis products. So why choose concentrates? Consider the following reasons why cannabis consumers choose THC concentrates.

More for Less

When it comes to concentrates, you get more bang with less product, hence the term “concentrates.” Many consumers prefer consuming as little cannabis as possible to get the effects they are looking for. Those who consume concentrates need only a small percentage of what flower consumers take.

Generally, cannabis flowers test at between 15% and 32% THC. On the other hand, marijuana concentrates routinely test at well over 50% and 60% THC, with many concentrates testing deep into 90 percent.

These numbers mean that high-THC concentrates get the job done more efficiently and with less product than even the most potent marijuana.

Highly Potent

  • Cannabis users have diverse consumption habits and preferences. Some prefer their cannabis light and gentle on the THC, which leaves them able to perform most, if not all, of their normal daily tasks. But other users seek to only partake of high-THC cannabis for various reasons, including:
  • High Tolerance: Heavy consumers often need concentration to achieve their desired effects.
  • Desiring a Heavy High: Many THC consumers like intense cannabis experiences. So they gravitate toward the most potent cannabis products, which are concentrates.

If you have never consumed concentrates, be aware that one hit can lead to hours of being high.

Easy Storage and Travel

As mentioned, concentrates provide more bang for their size than flowers, which means concentrate products are typically smaller than flowers. In many cases, they are much smaller than corresponding flower products.

This size difference is why some users prefer concentrates — it allows them to hide their products more easily than marijuana products. By volume, cannabis concentrates are much smaller than cannabis flowers, making them easier to stash for travel and easier to discreetly store around the house.

But the size difference is not the only difference between the two. The difference in the odor flowers produce compared to concentrates is massive.

Cannabis flowers release potent aromas, as you would expect flowers to do. But concentrates, although pleasantly aromatic, do not release as much odor into the air as flowers. This makes concentrates much easier to transport in public than cannabis flowers.

Unique Tastes

When you talk about cannabis and the like, most people in the mainstream think of flowers. In fact, flowers are the most common form of cannabis for consumption. And although flowers share much in common with concentrates (they do come from the same plant, after all), they taste much different than concentrates.

To further explore the world of cannabis, many flower users dabble in concentrates from time to time to experience the unique and different flavors they can’t get with cannabis flowers.

Important Terms to Know When Shopping for Concentrates

If you are new to THC concentrates, you may want to peruse some of the terminology used during the shopping process. Don’t worry; it’s not complex at all. In fact, if you have some experience buying flowers, you’ll likely have a firm grasp on many of the relevant terms.


You obviously know what weight means, but in terms of cannabis concentrates, the product’s weight is typically displayed in grams. Often, you will find concentrate products being sold in one-gram increments.

Cannabinoid Content

The cannabinoid content is the total number of cannabinoids in a product. THC is only one of the various cannabinoids in cannabis, but it is the one that imparts the most noticeable effects. In other words, THC is the cannabinoid that makes consumers high. The more THC, the more effects one should feel.


Indica is a type of cannabis known for its heavy body effects. Consumers routinely report that indica products make them feel more stoned than uplifted or high.


Sativa, on the other hand, is a type of cannabis that reportedly gives users a boost that is the opposite of the couchlock that indica users report feeling.


Many cannabis products on the market are hybrids of sativa and indica plants. Some hybrids even have other forms of cannabis, such as cannabis ruderalis.

Live Rosin

Rosin is a solventless type of cannabis extract made by submitting cannabis flowers to heat and pressure. The pressing process produces a highly-potent sap known as rosin.

Live rosin is a rosin extracted from fresh cannabis plants, whereas rosin comes from dry plant material. In order to successfully work with fresh plants, live rosin producers often freeze their source plants right after harvest and vacuum seal them in plastic containers after the stems and leaves are removed.

At some point in the process, the THC-rich gland heads (trichomes) are removed from the flower and turned into bubble hash. This is why some refer to the process as live hash rosin because bubble hash is typically made with the plant material before the rosin is produced.

Processing live plants goes a long way in preserving the many aromas and tastes that give each cannabis plant its unique profile. For this reason, consumers prefer live hash rosin over plain rosin.

Live Resin

Although the names sound similar, live resin and live rosin are two entirely different products. Both are live, which means the plant is typically frozen or vacuum-sealed right after harvest. However, the similarities end there.

After being frozen and sealed, live resin makers use a solvent to extract THC-rich concentrate,; whereas live rosin makers typically use only heat and pressure.

Many consumers prefer rosin over resin due to the fact that no solvents are used in the production of rosins. However, resin producers, live and dry, extract the goodness by using various chemical solvents, from isopropyl alcohol to butane.

Live Diamonds

Live diamonds are THC crystals and are the most potent form of cannabis on the market. They regularly test at over 98% THC and have very few other cannabinoids and limited terpene profiles.

Live diamonds form when producers use a cold-extraction method instead of heat. The result is a “diamond” that could be the size of a grain of sand or a rock weighing several grams.

What makes live diamonds so sought after is that they contain the highest level of THC. For those searching for the most potent THC concentrate, live diamonds are the way to go.


THC waxes are concentrates typically made from dried cannabis or hash. They come in various forms, such as badder, shatter, crumble, and budder. They, too, are made using solvents and come in a variety of textures, hence their various descriptive names.

When made from dry plant material, THC wax is reportedly not as potent or flavorful as live resin or live rosin.

Why Choose Munchiez Cannabis?

With cannabis legal in New Mexico, you’ve got choices. So why choose the concentrates at Munchiez Cannabis?

Top-Shelf Products

At Munchiez Cannabis, we never skimp on quality. We sell top-shelf concentrates from the top producers in the state.

Welcoming Ambiance

Whether you’re a long-time consumer or new to the game, you’re treated like family when you walk through our doors.

Quick Delivery

No one likes waiting for their goods to arrive, so Munchiez Cannabis deliveries always arrive in good time.

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At Munchiez Cannabis, our team is not only friendly but knowledgeable as well. We take the time to train our staff to be adept at meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

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